Suicidal Photographers
Suicidal Photographer
Name: Suicidal Photographers
Appearance: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Location: Flint County, San Andreas
Status: Exists
Location Map
Suicidal Photographer Location
Suicidal Photographers are a myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasand they are proven to exist.


The Suicidal Photographer is a pedestrian that spawns on a coastline located in the game sector Los Santos Inlet. The pedestrian is across the street from a near by trailer park and is presumed to live there. If the player watches the pedestrian, the pedestrian will crouch down, take three to four photos with his camera, and then walk into the nearby Santa Maria waters, drowning. While not paranormal in of itself, fans have theorized that there could be a case of demonic possesion involved, wherein an evil spirit causes the pedestrian to have suicidal tendencies. Another theory that is popular within the myth community is that there is something in the Los Santos skyline that causes the pedestrian to be scared into suicide, such as a Mothman, or seeing something in a sky-scraper they weren't supposed to see. However, the most common theory is that the pedestrian simply has broken AI, and walks into the water instead of the near-by unnamed bridge.


  • If the player assaults the photographer, the photographer will capture photos of the player character, as the Camera is considered a weapon and the AI cannot tell the difference.